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ExecuTrain Live Online

Everywhere. Anywhere.

Participate in and enjoy the same instructor-led training you have known for more than 30 years, all from the comfort of your own location - streamed live online.

ExecuTrain Live Online brings the class directly to you, wherever you have an internet connection.

In an ExecuTrain Live Online class, you will participate in and receive all the same resources you're familiar with; a live and engaging certified instructor visible by HD webcam, hands-on exercises, a printed book, and post-class instructor support. The best part, you can attend any of ExecuTrain's courses Live Online.

  1. LIVE INSTRUCTOR-LED CLASSES - This is not a video, but live! You will see, hear, and talk to an actual instructor throughout class, live. In our Live Online classes, our instructors engage the learners just as they would in a traditional classroom, and our instructors really do make the difference. Each one has a unique blend of communication skills, technical proficiency, and business experience, which enables them to effectively bridge the gap between the technology and the learner’s personal needs. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our students are saying about their experience in our classes.
  2. HD AUDIO / VIDEO STREAM - We understand that Live Online training is a new experience for most people, so we go to great lengths and take zero shortcuts in ensuring that we put our best foot forward in delivering stunning training at the highest level. Each class you attend will be delivered using high-definition audio and video, all on top of the highest rated software platform, Adobe Connect.
  3. PRE AND POST CLASS RESOURCES - Approximately one week prior to your scheduled Live Online class, you will receive a personal email invitation from an ExecuTrain support representative to schedule a Live Online connection test. This connection test is an opportunity for us to verify a successful connection to the online classroom, and ensure that you're ready-to-go come class time. In addition, we understand that learning isn't just a one-time event, but rather an on-going process. Therefore, if you have a question or need clarification on a subject after class, our instructors are available to assist you. In addition, you'll also able to retake any previously attended ExecuTrain course, any number of times, as long as the course remains on our public schedule.
  4. ATTEND ANY CLASS LIVE ONLINE - Our entire catalog of over 400 classes is offered in this Live Online format. Don't let travel limitations prevent you from receiving the best training in the nation, and schedule your next class with ExecuTrain Live Online.
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Training from a "Top 20 IT Training Company", right at your doorstep.


The requirements to participate in a Live Online class are minimal:

* At Minimum: Students should have a reliable computer (a desktop PC, laptop, or tablet), a solid internet connection (minimum of 5mb download speed), and a set of speakers/earbuds.

* For the best Live Online experience: In addition to the minimum requirements above, we recommend students use two-monitors, and a microphone/headset for communicating directly with the instructor.

Absolutely! Our stance on training is the exact same whether we're teaching you in a physical or Live Online classroom, and that is that people truly learn by doing - not just watching. Therefore, our formula for teaching will be consistent across all formats. Students will hear the instructor, watch the instructor, and then do an exercise to reinforce the learning.    

Yes, you will see the instructor live via their webcam. We feel that the best way for you to get to know the person teaching your class is to not only be able to hear them, but also see them. Just like in a traditional classroom setting, people learn a lot simply by reading the instructors facial expressions and hand gestures. This is also true for Live Online learning. Students, on the other hand, are not required to use a webcam to particpate in Live Online training.

Classes begin at 10:00 a.m. (EST) each day, and usually end around 4:30 p.m. (EST).
A 1-hr lunch break will be taken around 12:30pm - 1:30pm (EST).

Currently, all of our public training is scheduled Monday - Friday from 10:00am-4:30pm (EST). However, Private Team Training can be scheduled over weekends and evenings.

Business Applications Training – We require 6 business days notice prior to the first day of class to issue a full refund. Within 5 business days no refunds will be issued but with proper notification you can use the funds to take a class in the future.
Technical Training – We require 15 business days prior to the first day of class to issue a full refund. Within 14 business days no refunds will be issued but with proper notification you can use the funds to take a class in the future. 


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