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Private Team Training

The employee benefit that pays dividends.

Employees rank professional development among the most appreciated benefits they receive from their employer, and say it demonstrates the company’s interest in their overall personal and professional growth. This ultimately leads to greater productivity, retention, and loyalty to the company.

  1. TARGETED TRAINING - Private Team Training allows us to pin-point the areas that will make the greatest impact on helping you meet your specific challenges, and customize the material to address these objectives. Any course included in our Course Catalog can be scheduled as Private Team Training, and customized to meet your unique goals.
  2. SIMPLY EASY - When scheduling your private class, you’ll work with a dedicated training coordinator who will guide you through each step of the process, addressing any questions, concerns and special requests, to ensure a successful training event. 
  3. LOCATION FLEXIBILITY - While ExecuTrain has a state of the art training facilities around the world, it may be more convenient for your organization to host Private Team Training on-site at your location, or even live online. We have the capabilities of delivering training to your team anywhere in the world.
  4. SCHEDULING FREEDOM - We understand how disruptive it can be for an entire department to attend an all-day training session at the same time. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling options for your private classes. From full-day to half-day classes, to short “Lunch & Learn” sessions, our goal is to accommodate your training schedule without interrupting the demands of your business schedule. Traditionally, a full-day course is scheduled from 8:30-4:00, with a 1-hr lunch break. However with Private Team Training, we have complete flexibility to schedule based on your needs.

Your company is unique, shouldn’t your training be too? Private Team Training delivers personalized training that aligns directly to your unique business goals.


With most of our classes, if you have a minimum of 5 individuals, we can provide Private Team Training at your location, or live online.

Generally speaking, with 5 individuals enrolled, the cost of Private Team Training is the listed price of that course (in the Course Catalog) multiplied by those 5 individuals. For example, our Excel Part 1 class retails for $250 per person, therefore the cost for Private Team Training with 5 individuals is simply $250 per person.

However, when a customer reaches an enrollment level of 10 individuals, the cost of Private Team Training is 30% less than the listed cost in the Course Catalog. For example, an Excel Part 1 class retails for $250 per person, therefore the cost for Private Team Training with 10 individuals is 30% less per person, or $175.00 per person.

To estimate your cost for Private Team Training, simply find the course that best matches the training you're aiming to recieve in our Course Catalog, and your cost will be the listed cost if you have 5 individuals, and 30% less than the listed price if you have 10 or more people needing training.

We would be happy to provide you an exact quote based on your unique needs as well. Please feel free to contact us to obtain a personalized quote.

Each Private Team Training includes a certified instructor, engaging courseware, hands-on exercises, and post class support.

Certified Instructor: ExecuTrain's success is based on excellence. Through the most rigorous hiring standards in the industry, we guarantee instructors with both real-world experience and the ability to deliver expert, personalized attention. All this to ensure a consistency of training delivery for your team.

Engaging and Relevant Courseware: All courseware utilized in our training is carefully vetted to ensure the content aligns with our goals in the classroom: to provide engaging and real-world instruction that ensures the learner can execute these new skills where it matters most, on-the-job.

Hands-On Exercises: Studies repeatedly show that hands-on exercises, that of which allow students to perform real-world tasks while the instructor provides immediate feedback to questions and challenges, is the most effective way for people to retain new knowledge and skills. Students validate their learning by applying new knowledge on their own, while the instructors role is to reinforce this development with coaching and addressing specific challenges the individual faces in the real-world.

ExecuTrain can provide a complimentary assessment to help evaluate your employee's skill level. This complimentary survey provides us both with great insight to each users existing skill level, and allows us to tailor training around their unique skillset and the overall objectives of the training.

In addition to our complimentary assessments, for a small fee you have the option to purchase online performance assessments. These online performance assessments task the individual to perform web-based activities based on a given scenario. Online performance assessments are a great option for companies who prefer to measure the effectiveness of training (ROI), by obtaining metrics based on pre and post training assessment.

Although providing lunch to your team is optional, some of our customers choose to keep the collective enthusiasm of training going by enjoying a delicious meal brought in especially for their group. If you choose to provide lunch for your team and want us to handle the logistics, we will work with you to determine your budget based on the number of individuals in attendance, and the type of cuisine you prefer. We will also accommodate special requests and dietary restrictions. Customers can also handle lunch logistics on their own.


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